To view the official trials Rules from the ACU website CLICK HERE

Motorcycle sport in this country is governed by the ACU (Auto Cycle Union) on behalf of the RAC (Royal Automobile Club). The ACU makes the rules for each of the motorcycling disciplines of which trials is just one of many. England and Wales is divided into twenty areas known as Centres, ours is the South Eastern Centre, which includes the counties of Surrey, East and West Sussex, Kent and South London. Each Centre is sub-divided into a number of Combines (or Groups) which in the main consist of around twelve clubs; ours is the North Kent Combine. Both the Centres and the Combines have management committees, which deal with the general administration of the sport at local level.

It is an ACU requirement that you wear a helmet, gloves and knee-high boots. You must also have your legs and arms covered. It is worth considering the purchase of a pair of trials trousers (with well-placed padding and strengthening). The right gear is also essential to minimise the risk of injury. It is worth buying these items from a reputable trials shop or second-hand from a club member. Having acquired these items you are ready to consider the purchase of your motorcycle.